Peel Science Animation Festival 2014

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February 22, 2014 by David


Members of Beyond Our Classroom volunteered to help run the first Peel Science Animation Festival 2014 (PSAF2014) held on Saturday February 22, 2014 at  Louise Arbour Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario.

Beyond Our Classroom members involved included

1. Gurpreet Singh Dipak, Registration
2. Savitri Manmohansingh, Hospitality and Food Services
3. Tasneem Mujahid, Awards Presentations
4. Niru Palia, Physics Presentation
5. David Spencer, PSAF Celebration Coordinator
6. Dao Tran, Visionary, and PSAF Producer
7. Andrea Zariwny,  Keynote Speaker on Biomedical Communication

The Peel Science Animation Festival is intended to promote scientific literacy and communication at secondary school level. Its direct connection to the Ontario curricula, in effect, offers creative opportunity for students to understand science concepts in depth and illuminate others with their perspectives.

The Peel Science Animation Festival focuses on two challenge options:

I-LEARN Challenges
This option requires you, as contest participants, to independently conduct research on a given curriculum based topic. Using your creativity and an animation technology, you will then produce an animation or motion picture to explain the topic.

I-ENVISION Challenges
This option requires you, as contest participants, to interpret an excerpt containing a novel idea or mechanism which is taken from a recent research article or student thesis. Using your imagination, creativity and an animation technology, you will then illustrate the given description in the form of animation or motion picture.

Registration deadline: October 13, 2013

Closing date: November 30, 2013

Awards Ceremony: February 22, 2014

Learn more about Peel Science Animation Festival 2014 at:

Media Coverage










Hosted by Louise Arbour Secondary School

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